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We are a company composed of experienced loan consultants dedicated to assisting you through the loan process in a timely and stress-free manner.

About Us

SBA Funding Depot®, LLC (SFD) was initially founded to help hotel owners acquire timely and competitive financing to purchase a hotel, renovate and improve an existing hotel, or refinance an existing loan into better terms on their property. We specialize in 7a, 504, and other types of financing to fit your needs. We have lenders that will finance construction projects.

Over time we have branched out into the convenience store industry as well as assisting businesses get financing for mergers and acquisitions.

SFD has created and maintains a national database of over 90(ninety)lenders.  Many of our lenders have different specialties and criteria that may be appropriate for your desired loan.

The principal members of SFD, by utilizing their expertise and background in the legal and lending industries will select the best lender to ensure the success of your deal.

We try to provide you more than one commitment letters from different banks to give you options.

Financing for the hotel industry varies greatly when looked at from a national perspective; many hotel owners are surprised to learn that an out of market bank can provide better financing terms and be easier to work with than many local “in market” banks.

Keep your local banks accountable by shopping them against national lenders.
SFD does not charge for our services. Agreements have been made with lenders which have no monetary impact on the borrower seeking financing.

SFD has a clear vision to work hand in hand with you utilizing our industry knowledge to better streamline available financing. When the time is right, please allow us an opportunity to earn your business.

Don’t waste your time on the phone talking to banks. Let us be the intermediary between you and the financial institutions at no cost to you. Once we find an option with which you are comfortable, we will make an introduction to the lender.



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